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Are Spin Classes Good for Cyclists

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We get asked a lot whether spin classes are good for cyclists, and in particular endurance cyclists training for century rides, sportives or other long distance events. Below we’ll take a look at both the benefits and drawbacks of adding spin classes to your training schedule and try to give you some tips to help you get the most from your spin classes.

The Benefits

High intensity workouts. Most amateur riders are short of training time. Family and work commitments eat into the training time of most cyclists. Spin sessions provide a short intense workout that can often be squeezed into a lunch break at work. In terms of giving the legs a workout in a short space of time spin sessions are really good.

Good to aid weight loss. The high intensity of spin classes means you’re burning a lot of calories in a relatively short period of time. As far as bang for your time buck, spin bike classes burn a large amount of calories compared to many other bike workouts you could choose instead.

Highly motivational setting. Most gyms have dedicated spin studios where the bikes are close to each other, the lights are dimmed and the music is turned up high. Combined with the vocal encouragement most spin class instructors give, this environment means that participants are usually more willing to suffer than if training on their own.

Mental Strength. Spin sessions, if done correctly are tough workouts, period. If you can get through them and do attend regularly, they’ll definitely improve your mental strength. Just like regular interval sessions they’ll teach you to know your physical limits and develop the ability to ride on your threshold enabling to get the most out of your training.

are spin classes good for cyclists

The Drawbacks

Not Cycling Centric. While some spin instructors are keen cyclists unfortunately the vast majority are not. As a result many will try and introduce elements that won’t necessarily bring you the maximum benefits as a cyclists. For example many instruct the class to do press-ups, down onto the handle bars or repeatedly jump up out of the saddle over and over again. When faced with such requests feel free to use your judgement and ignore such requests.

Most instructors won’t mind you partially doing your own thing, especially if you let them know before hand that you like the classes but also are keen on not doing certain elements of these workouts. If all else fails remember that you are in control of the resistance on your bike so you can always

Easy to hide. Spin sessions on the bike should be tough. They are short sessions (usually 45 minutes) so you need to make sure you get the best from them visit this site right here. When you’re in a dark spin session, your legs are screaming at you to stop pedaling and the instructor tells you to turn the resistance up a whole turn it can be tempting to ignore the instructions and make it a little easier for yourself. The whole point of spin sessions are they are short and hard. Stick with it and make sure each interval hurts as much as it should.


A lot of people always ask us if spin classes are good for cyclists. It is true that a much more structured interval session may provide greater benefits however for the vast majority of cyclists spin classes provide a convenient and effective workout that will certainly compliment their cycling training schedule.

Most classes provide a highly motivational environment and an interval based session which will bring most cyclists large fitness benefits if performed reasonably regularly.


Source: Century Training — Endurance Cycling Training Tips

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Are Your Training Hard Enough?

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It’s easy to read about how the pro’s head out for 5, 6 or 7 hour rides each day while they get ready for the season ahead and think you have to do the same. This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes amateurs make when planning their training sessions.

If you’re lucky enough to not have to work and can up your sleep to 10 hours a night then sure heading our and riding lots of low intensity miles can and would bring you some big benefits. However not many of us have the lifestyles that allow us to do this so we need to change our approach to training.

Most of us can typically only get out for 1 or 2 long rides per week with the rest of our training time being short commute rides or a stolen hour in the gym or on the turbo trainer every couple of days. The key to maximizing your potential is to get the maximum you can from these sessions.

Are Your Training Hard Enough

If you’re only doing 1 long ride per week and and say 3 or 4 one hour sessions then you should have ample recovery time to recuperate and recover ready for the next ride meaning you can push hard on those midweek rides.

Here are a few ideas to get you using this time to it’s maximum:

1. Interval Training

Plain and simple. If you want to get stronger and go faster then interval training should be utilized on at least some of these shorter workouts during your training week. There are thousands of variations of intervals out there but for me the classic and one of the most effective for general improvement is the 2 x 20 minute interval. It may not be pleasant but it sure gets results. Be sure to check out our other interval tips too for advice on how to get the best out of your interval sessions.

2. Local Chain Gang

Most cycling clubs tend to run a short mid week chain gang rides. The point of these rides is to give the riders a very fast, race paced tempo training ride. In addition to getting a very good hard workout you’ll also benefit from riding at pace within a group as well as benefiting from the social aspects of riding with others (its less boring than the turbo trainer!).

3. Use your commute better

If you’re lucky enough to commute to work on your bike consider changing your route to help you improve the workout it gives you. Perhaps twice a week you can extend the ride or change the route to incorporate some hills that you can use as natural intervals best weight loss tablets. If not you could nominate stretches between certain landmarks to be sprint sections.

4. Consider Spin Classes

We get asked quite regularly if spin classes are good for cyclists. While the spin sessions that most gyms offer aren’t particularly aimed at improving cycling performance but general fitness they can still offer big benefits. They offer you a small structured workout session that usually involves some form of interval like routines in a highly motivational atmosphere. You can always ignore the instructors calls to do press ups onto your handlebars and instead just participate on the aspects of these classes that will help improve your cycling.

5. Time Trial

A good motivational tool to get some short hard sessions in is to regularly ride a local loop and keep track of your times over the same course. This could be a local mid week time trial event organized by a local cycling club or it could simply be a short loop local to where you live. By putting yourself against the clock you’re much more likely to want to improve your times and work harder as a result.

Time trials are not easy to ride as they require you to ride the distance on your limits. As well as bringing you physical benefits they are also great for developing your mental strength and teaching you to deal with the need to concentrate hard in order to manage to sustain these tough efforts.

Hopefully you can now start maximizing the time you spend on the bike to get the most out of your training. Just be careful to allow yourself time to recover after performing hard workouts. This recovery time is actually where your muscles repair themselves and get stronger so don’t be afraid to skip a session or back off if you’re feeling fatigued.




Source: Century Training — Endurance Cycling Training Tips

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The Benefits of Indoor Training

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While reading Bradley Wiggins latest book ‘My Time’ I was struck by how devastating his use of indoor training has been over the last couple of years.

In 2011 he crashed out of the Tour de France early on breaking his collar bone in the process. After the crash he decided to focus on the Vuelta (The Tour of Spain) as his next race to target after his collar bone healed.

In the 6 weeks prior to finishing 3rd in the 2011 Vuelta Wiggins did absolutely no racing whatsoever have a peek at this website. Instead all of his preparation was done entirely indoors, or more precisely on a turbo trainer in his garden shed.

Think about this for a minute. He finished 3rd in one of the toughest bike races in the world on a course that wasn’t particularly suited to him, despite spending all of his race preparation in his garden shed. This got me thinking about how most of us probably under estimate the benefits indoor cycling can bring and don’t use it enough to help us improve our cycling performance.

Specificity of Workouts

Training indoors on a turbo trainer allows you to perform very specific and targeted workouts. Wiggins himself mentions that during those 6 weeks if he had been racing he’d have spent several days just cruising along in the peloton during very little work indeed. Combined with the days off traveling between races, short prologue days and rest days he states quite clearly that he would have done far fewer really hard workouts had he not broken his collar bone.

Instead of days spending 5 hours drafting in the peloton chatting to his fellow pros he was doing shorter sessions on his turbo trainer with a much higher intensity and therefore gaining more benefit.

He mentions that his coach loved it because he could give him very specific instructions for each workout, telling him exactly how long to ride for at a certain power output. While not everyone has a coach or even a power meter everybody can benefit from being more specific about their workouts and the benefits they seek. Always have an aim when you start a session off.

Mental Toughness
There is no doubt about it that  training on an indoor trainer takes a huge amount of mental toughness, concentration and dedication. Most of us will quite easily find any excuse not to train on a turbo trainer. I’m a firm believe that if you can over come this almost ‘fear’ of indoor training and master it then there are other benefits to be had despite the physical ones.

A lot of cycling performance depends on your mind. Whether it’s not getting dropped by a bunch of riders or simply keeping your legs pumping while riding solo into the wind the mental strength you can gain from indoor training can certainly help you improve out on the road.


In addition to riding specific sessions provided by his coach, Wiggins also used the time to work on acclimatising himself to riding in the extreme heat he’d face during the Vuelta. By heating his garden shed up to 40+ degrees he was simulating the riding conditions he’d find in Spain, despite being in a wet and windy Yorkshire in the UK.

Time Saving

He also mentions in the book that he wasn’t simply going out doing long steady 8 hour rides but instead doing much shorter, more explosive training on his turbo trainer. For most of us with full time jobs, family stuff and a ‘normal’ life this is incredibly powerful.

By using perhaps as little as 3 hours a week to train indoors you can make some pretty big gains to your fitness so long as these sessions are laser targeted and high intensity. Combine these with maybe 1 or 2 outdoor rides and you can have a really effective training regime on as little as 6 hours per week.

Source: Century Training — Endurance Cycling Training Tips

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How to Sprint Like Freight Train – Part 1

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Sprinting is the best skill you can have as a cyclist. No skill will allow you to win more bike races than being able to sprint. It is a dynamic and spectacular aspect of cycling that is essential if you are going to win races regularly. Sprinting is a very specialized discipline fat burning tablets. The best sprinters […]
Source: Cycling Training

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How to Sprint Like Freight Train – Part 2

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As we covered previously, we break sprinting down into five essential elements: P – Positioning A – Awareness T – Timing A – Acceleration S – Speed Last week we covered positioning. This week, we’re looking at awareness right here. The awareness of where you are positioned and where your competitors are, is an important focus as […]
Source: Cycling Training

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How to Sprint Like Freight Train – Part 3

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As we covered previously, we break sprinting down into five essential elements: P – Positioning A – Awareness T – Timing A – Acceleration S – Speed Last week we covered awareness. This week, we’re looking at timing. We have spoken about timing above in many of the positioning and awareness segments diet tablets. The important thing […]
Source: Cycling Training

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Lactate Threshold Explained…

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Warning. This post is a bit heavy going so read when your mind is fresh. If you’re just starting out on the beginner or century programs, feel free to skip this unless you’re interested why not try this out. Lactate Threshold (LT) is going to be a very important concept for you to understand. Parts of the program require strict […]
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Mike Evans rising from No. 13 to No. 10 to the Detroit Lions is yet another example of how predicting the draft is so difficult. Despite signing wide receiver Golden Tate in the offseason to play alongside Calvin Johnson, Kiper believes that Evans is too good to pass up on at No. 10. This is an example of a team not drafting on a particular need, but rather taking the best player available.Missouri sent in a sheriff and tax agents to collect from the settlers in “Iowa,” and were met by a pitchfork wielding mob that chased them back to Missouri. In retaliation, Missouri Governor and professional dumbass Lilburn Boggs, a trigger happy guy who would later make it legal to kill Mormons, sent the militia to occupy the border. They were met by the, um, eclectic Iowa militia. One private carried a plough coulter over his shoulder by means of a log chain, another had an old fashioned sausage stuffer for a weapon, while a third shouldered a sheet iron sword about six feet long.”As a high school player, he became an Wholesale NFL Jerseys All State end and defensive back (and cheap football jerseys also played running back and quarterback at times), but was not good enough to warrant scholarship NFL Wholesale Jerseys offers from the 40 or so Division I A schools http://www.cheapnfljerseyssu.com that showed interest. Even Mississippi State, just 20 miles http://www.cheapoakleys2013.com away, didn’t offer a scholarship. But Archie Cooley, coach of Division I AA Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, Mississippi, had heard about Rice. He acquired the nickname “World” because there wasn’t a ball in the world he couldn’t catch. Statistics from his college career are sparse, but the College Football Hall of Fame website claims that Rice, as a sophomore in 1982, caught 66 passes for 1,133 yards and 7 touchdowns. That was his http://www.cheapjerseys2013.com first season playing with redshirt freshman quarterback Willie Totten, nicknamed “Satellite.” Together, Totten and Rice would become known as “The Satellite Express” and set numerous NCAA records in the spread offense of coach Archie Cooley, nicknamed “The Gunslinger.”Disadvantages: After reviewing the website, there does not appear to be a 100% satifation guarantee offered with Advocare. Ther does not seem to be a manufacturer’s trial avaiable from Advocare at this time. Advocare seems to really push the Fake Oakleys “becoming a distributor” aspect of the company (possibly even more than the products themselves).The 28 24 scoreline gives but the barest whiff of the excitement, or of the game’s quite unscriptable climax. Indeed, for much of the first half it was oddly listless. Though they went in only tied at 14 14, New England seemed to have matters under control. For the first 25 minutes, the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson did not throw a single completion, before making belated amends with a pair of scoring drives. But then the heroes took over.

Strength Endurance (SE) Explained

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Strength Endurance (SE) is a very important component of your build phase and important to maintain during the season weight loss tablets that work. SE is the most effective way to build the leg strength that is specific to cycling. It is similar to weight training where the desired effect is to build muscle strength (SE 1) and later to […]
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The use of clover as a lucky charm dates back to pre Christian times when Druidism was the religion of the day in Ireland. Druids, basically the hippies of the day, were sun/nature worshipers and clover tends to spread in sunny areas, possibly explaining why druids felt a connection with the plant. The four leaves also have a fairly obvious cross like appearance, which was a revered symbol even before Christianity.Protect the neck drawing the chin, lifting the chin but extending the back side of the neck. That’s very nice. Inhale and lift through the sternum. Exhale and draw the elbows towards each other. NFL Jerseys Cheap The shoulder blade drops down the back so we get really open across the chest. It is a great stretch for the pictorials muscle where we’re tight all the time. And if you think about it, if every player in every sport who lost their cool on the court, who threw a punch it’s nothing we should, you know, obviously, extol as somehow a great virtue. But if everyone who’s ever done that was effectively banned from their sport, I mean, would there even be an NHL? I don’t know if there would be any hockey left, let alone some of the most famous NBA players.The Bears moved up a few picks wholesale football jerseys china to make sure they landed Kwiatkoski despite his status as a later round prospect. and will be an asset on special teams during the early portion of his career. At 6 foot 2 and 243 pounds, he he have time to acclimate to the NFL as he learns behind veteran Jerrell Freeman. In addition to his value on special Replica Oakleys teams, he an above cheap oakleys average coverage linebacker who could get some time in sub packages. The grade would been higher if the Bears waited a round or two to grab him, but his overall projection is a good one for Chicago.The trade: The Giants and Chargers had already made their picks before the deal, so it was QB Eli Manning (No. 1 overall) to New York for fellow quarterback Philip Rivers (No. 4), plus a third round selection in 2004 and a first and fifth rounder in 2005 to Wholesale NFL Jerseys San Diego.I just got back from a safari to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In spite of taking a great many notes, I could not remember all the names of the various antelope to put with my pictures. Your site has pinpointed each one for me except a female and calf that look a great http://www.cheapjerseys11.com deal like a moose (possibly a waterbuck, I’ve only seen males) and cheap football jerseys china it was very interesting to read the descriptions. There’s been a great deal of work put into this and it shows! Thank you.There is a jump ball at the beginning of the game only, with the team winning the jump ball gaining possession. Afterward, teams alternate getting the ball on any held ball or jump ball situation. This alternation includes the beginning of subsequent periods. The team that did not win the first jump ball is the first to get the ball on alternating possessions.